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YourStyleByD was once nothing more than a dream. A very distant, thought to be unattainable, probably more of a wish than even a dream kind of dream. It was the dream of a young black mother raising her young black son in the heart of Brooklyn, NY during these ever changing times. It was a dream that young black mother feared would never come to fruition. She feared not just for herself but for her son, for the lesson she was trying to teach him, for the hope she was trying to instill in him, for the future she was trying to build for him.

YourStyleByD is my dream! She is ME! I’m Dayse and YourStyleByD was built to secure a future for my son, Chris and to be an inspiration to everyone like myself and Christopher. Having a successful business has always been my dream but more importantly, it’s become a reality and I am so excited to be able to nurture it and watch it grow and flourish and become everything I wished it would be!

With the world we live in the way it is now, I needed to show my son that nothing in this world is impossible as long as you are willing to build it and work for it. I wanted to instill hard work and dedication into my growing boy. This is something I preach at home regarding school and chores but I needed him to see it in action in the real world as well. All too often my son would opt for the “easy way out” and only appreciated “instant gratification” situations. I needed him to see with his own two eyes how a little tenacity and elbow grease could create something out of nothing and how good that could feel especially when you are doubted from every angle – the only direction to climb is up! I understand this all too well. 

Now with the world rapidly changing and people being treated differently for so many reasons, I also needed my son to understand and appreciate that everyone is different and so very unique in so many beautiful and glorious ways! So together we’ve built YourStyleByD, and when I say together I mean together! Christopher helps to pick out brand colors, website designs, logos, inventory, coupons, events, giveaways, and so much more!

YourStyleByD is an online store that caters to you by bringing fashion that fits you and your lifestyle straight to your doorstep. People are unique, so are their views, their lives, their clothing styles, and their lifestyles! With a little bit of hard work, love, and determination we hope to turn YourStyleByD into a great shopping experience for everyone. We are determined to deliver fashion hand selected for you to our community and hopefully eventually worldwide. Our store offers a selection of styles for everyone while proving that dreams really can come true!

So... what are you waiting for? Browse our collections today and hopefully you'll find our site as special as your visit makes us feel! ​

With Love,
Dayse & Chris


Vision, Mission, Values


YourStyleByD puts its customer’s first by providing quality apparel and impeccable customer service while changing the common current narrative of small online boutiques. What we advertise is what our customers will receive – quality and care.


YourStyleByD brings quality fashion that fits your lifestyle straight to your doorstep.

Sometimes you need things shipped, dropped off, couriered to you, or available for pick up now! Whatever you need we are here for you making the shopping experience easier for you.


YourStyleByD strives to provide a wonderful ecommerce experience. We want every interaction with YourStyleByD to be a pleasurable one. We need everyone who comes into contact with us to feel just how much we appreciate and value them. We want to bridge the gap between our customers and the quality apparel our manufactures provide.




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